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分類 国際会議
著者名 (author) Satoshi Fujita,Masafumi Yamashita,Tadashi Ae
英文著者名 (author)
編者名 (editor)
編者名 (英文)
キー (key)
表題 (title) Search Level Parallel Processing of Production Systems
表題 (英文)
書籍・会議録表題 (booktitle) Proc. PARLE'91: Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe, LNCS
巻数 (volume) 506
号数 (number)
ページ範囲 (pages) 471-488
組織名 (organization)
出版元 (publisher)
出版元 (英文)
出版社住所 (address)
刊行月 (month) June
出版年 (year) 1991
付加情報 (note) Eindhoven
注釈 (annote)
内容梗概 (abstract) This paper examines parallel matching for PS's. The matching operation, which consists of the template matching and the join of matched data sets, is believed to be the most time consuming operation of PS's. Thus to realize a real-time PS, we should clarify the limitation on the speedup by the parallel processing and should find a mechanism to support it effectively.
The matching operation includes two level parallelisms, say, the constraint satisfaction level and the DB search level. Many conventional approaches have focused on the former so far, however, the parallelism is not so large in existent PS programs [4]. Hence we should focus on the another level parallelism as well to achieve a limitation on the speedup. The search level parallelism can be effectively supported by two kinds of parallel processing schemes based on (1) shared bus connected multiprocessor, and (2) multiprocessor with special memory devices. In this paper, we will provide the concrete specification of the schemes and verify the availability using few benchmark programs.
論文電子ファイル Not available.

[1-62]  Satoshi Fujita, Masafumi Yamashita, and Tadashi Ae, ``Search Level Parallel Processing of Production Systems,'' In Proc. PARLE'91: Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe, LNCS, vol. 506, pp. 471-488, June 1991. (Eindhoven)

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